Providing Departments with Protection from Electricity...

HD Electric has been the trusted provider of electrical testing equipment in the utility industry. Now it’s your turn to get your hands on technology that can alert and protect you from electrical hazards.

What is the V-Watch?
How does the V-Watch Work?
What is the V-Detect?
How does the V-Detect Work?

Trust HDE for Personal Voltage Detection


HDE products are manufactured with precision to avoid possible contact with electricity.


Our products are designed to alert you before potential contact with electricity. This technology can be life-saving.


HDE has been trusted by the utility industry for over 80 years. Our products have been preferred by lineman that install and maintain utility lines.

Assembled in the USA of globally sourced products

Our products are designed and manufactured in Waukegan, Illinois, USA.

Ready to protect your department
from electricity?

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