Have some questions about how our voltage detection devices work? You may be able to find the answers below.


How does that work?

Where can I purchase HDE First Responder Products?
Direct at (847) 473-4980 or ordershde@emerson.com
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Can I test the products? How do I know if this is right for my department and that these tools work?
You are more than welcome to test our products out. You can request a demo at (link).
Check out our Case Study with Coral Gables Fire Department using our V-Watch during Hurricane Irma Recovery here. (LINK).

I was testing my V-Detect and V-Watch at the station and it alerted me when I was on top of a power cord that there was voltage. Do I always have to be that close in order for it to go off?

No, the V-Detect and V-Watch identify electric fields. The stronger the voltage, the larger the electric field. While power cords inside your home or fire station may admit a small electric field, it is not dangerous to the everyday user. When you take our tools directly on a 120/240V power cord, it will pick up the electric field when very close because the field admitted is much smaller.

How close does that V-Detect pick up electric fields?
3 in. from the top of the V-Detect unit on the low setting and 10in from the top on the high setting.

Isn’t that too close though? I want to be as far away as possible.
It does sound close, however, you have to remember the tool is picking up electric fields. If the voltage detected is admitting a larger electric field it will detect it further away. You will also have a 2-6’ extension stick attached to the unit, so you will be much further away.

What does the V-Watch detect?
The V-Watch detects electric fields that surround power lines. Each voltage admits an electric field. Imagine this like a circle surrounds each power line.

Does the V-Watch detect electric fields behind you?
No, your body blocks the V-Watch from detecting electric fields behind you. The V-Watch will scan at about 170 degrees vertical and horizontal in front of the tool. It does not scan the area behind you. It is important that the V-Watch is placed on the front of your body.

Does the V-Watch detect electricity inside homes?
No, the V-Watch only detects high voltage.

How do I know the V-Watch is working?
The V-Watch performs a self-test every time it is powered on. If it fails the self-test, it will alert the user.

How do I know the V-Detect is working?
The V-Detect performs a self-test every time it is powered on. If it fails the self-test, it will alert the user. It can also be tested using the HDE Proof Tester. We recommend this Proof tester with every V-Detect purchase, to provide a stronger sense of trust and confidence in the tool.

How close can I get to a power line before I am alerted by the V-Watch?
It is dependent on the voltage of the power line. Each voltage admits an electric field. The higher the voltage, the stronger the electric field and the further away your V-Watch will alert you. The V-Watch will alert you 7 feet away from a typical distribution 4kV line.